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02 August 2019

Thabazimbi – The Thabazimbi Local Municipality (TLM) would like to inform the community about the progress being made in the different departments.

The municipality adopted its draft tourism strategy in December 2018. The municipal integrated development plan (IDP) 2019/20 has again prioritised tourism as a primary economic sector. They would like to thank the community for participating in the IDP process for the 2019/20 financial year.

The IDP and budget was approved in May 2019 and the new financial year started on 1 July 2019. 
The information technology (IT) department connected the technical office, parks, licensing, public works, electrical, civil, traffic and stores to the municipal network services and they now have access to e-mails and other municipal systems.

The website of the municipality is being revamped for a better user-experience and ease of access to crucial documents and information. The site is currently in the beta stage and will soon be finalised and made publicly available.

The council is sitting on a regular basis and executes its meetings according to the corporate calendar. Members of the public are also welcomed to attend these meetings as observers. 
The municipality had successful public events on 17 June, during Youth Month, to address drug abuse. During the Mandela Month celebrations from 15 to 19 July, the municipality reached out to the communities. 

A very successful meeting took place on 22 July with representatives from the chairpersons’ forum, Thabazimbi Rate Payers’ Association and the Thabazimbi Business Chamber during which service delivery issues were discussed in-depth and proposals were made in order to enhance service delivery. The municipality’s doors are always open for any stakeholder that wants to take hands with the municipality to bring suggestions so they can achieve higher goals.

The payment arrangement for their bulk services, as provided by Magalies Waterboard and Eskom, are being honoured. By using equitable shares, the municipality has reduced the amount owed to Eskom from R238 million to R190 million, and from R72 million to R58 million owed to the Magalies Waterboard.

They would like to thank the rate payers for their contributions in this regard but urge all consumers to pay their monthly municipal services bills in order to ensure that we can contribute to its monthly accounts. Account holders that are in arrears should urgently make payment arrangements with the municipality.

The technical department is still under enormous pressure, but they are doing their best 
to assist residents experiencing challenges. 

A project management unit (PMU) was established and is fully operational. Projects that are currently receiving attention in the current financial year are: the paving of internal streets in Raphuti, upgrading of internal streets in Northam ward 7 and the rehabilitation of the sports facility in Northam. 

Recently, the municipality refurbished all mini-substations in Thabazimbi with the help of PPC and refurbished the 11kV switch station with the assistance of the Department of Energy.

The municipality procured three new branded vehicles which has been in operation since July to speed up service delivery. Two bakkies will be used by the technical department and one sedan will be used by the Traffic Department. 

Water pipe bursts and sewer blockages are attended to daily and TLM urges residents to report any water and sanitation related problems to 083 703 2805. 

Welcome to Gladwin Tloubatla who was appointed as chief financial officer last month. 

The TLM are also happy to share that the long awaited 24/7 customer care centre was launched. The call centre is designed to meet the needs of their valued customers, stakeholders, residents and business owners. The community is urged to direct all service delivery related queries and complaints to the call centre.

The TLM would like to thank each resident that forms part of the process of rebuilding the municipality. It is an ongoing process and the municipality is foremost committed to ensure that systems are in place to guarantee effective service delivery.

TLM press release

The TLM hopes to speed up service delivery with the new vehicles they received.


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