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23 August 2019

Thabazimbi – The Unity Government of Thabazimbi Local Municipality (TLM) defeated a vote of no confidence on Monday 19 August.

This was brought on by the African National Congress (ANC) against the Speaker, doctor Bertie Joubert of the Democratic Alliance (DA) as well as the chief whip, councillor Piet Strydom (DA).
The Unity Government consists of the DA, Thabazimbi Residents Association, Freedom Front (FF+) and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). 

As has been indicated in the press recently, the EFF have taken a stand on a National level that EFF councillors will be able to debate issues in council; however, they will not be allowed to vote. This mandate would leave our situation in Thabazimbi in a compromised state regarding important decisions made in council as well as retaining governance.

TLM however has been regarded as a unique municipality and the EFF councillors of TLM have been given the mandate by their National and Provincial leadership to continue voting with the Unity Government of TLM – on council issues.

It is a known fact that the ANC wishes to take control away from the Unity Government and resume governing the TLM. 

The Unity Government of TLM look forward to continuing the ongoing effort to work together.

Extracts from Thabazimbi Local Municipality press release, 20 August 2019


Chief whip, councillor Piet Strydom with members of the EFF.
Speaker, doctor Bertie Joubert, and representatives of the Unity Government of Thabazimbi Local Municipality, united. 


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