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06 September 2019

Thabazimbi – Northam Rhinos sealed the deal by qualifying for the Volcano Super Cup 2019 semi-finals, by defeating the Naka Bulls Rugby Club in Pretoria on Saturday 31 August.

For the Rhinos, the league was nothing short of hard-hitting and blow-by-blow action. The games were intense, sweaty and the matches were tough, but the team stormed through and ended up in third place for the Volcano cup.

As the 2019 season comes to a close, Rhinos Rugby Club chairman Flip de Kock would like to take this opportunity to thank all the players for their efforts throughout the year, putting their bodies on the line week by week.

“Thank you to all the wives, girlfriends, family and friends who supperted the players.

I know that you lose valuable time with your loved ones and we appreciate you sharing them,” Flip said in an interview with Platinum Bushvelder.

It’s been a long season, starting with the pre-season in October 2018. The Rhinos have grown as a club, ranked third in the Gold Cup and ended the Volcano Super League on a high note. 

They operated with four teams this year and even took part in the Waterberg League finals. They were once again crowned the South Africa Mining Sports Association (SAMSA) champions for 2019.

“Our depth was tested to the limits. I am proud of every player. Thank you to all the partners who supported us throughout this year. Nothing was too much to ask, you were always willing to assist in whichever way possible.

Without your support, our club would not exist,” Flip added. “Thank you to the rest of the management staff for all your hard work during the year.”

They are the guys behind the curtains; they never get seen but their efforts are irreplaceable. 

“Thank you to our loyal supporters!” The support and assistance from the management of Northam Platinum Zondereinde mine is highly appreciated. Whenever the Rhinos tunnelled onto the field, whether it was a home or an away game, there was always fans cheering, singing, dancing and chanting – the team spirit was electrifying.

“Thank you to Danny Gonsalves and his team for what they do for sport in the community. Rugby always finds a way to keep you humble and humble we will stay. We will come back even stronger in 2020!” added Flip. 

The teams’ focus will now shift to the Klerksdorp 7’s tournament where three of their teams will be in action in the bronze and gold divisions. 

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