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31 July 2020

Limpopo – Vandalism and cable theft cause millions of Rands worth of damage to the Vodacom Limpopo base stations. This ultimately leads to the increase in costs of mobile services, but more importantly than the monetary impact – criminals are cutting off communication to and from entire communities.

“We repeatedly see situations where people can’t make emergency calls and are put in danger by these criminals and sooner or later these criminals will cost someone’s life,” said Vodacom country manager Ireen Mokgalapa.

Each theft incident can result in the network in that area being down for days and can severely impact businesses as well as anyone relying on the internet to study. It can also cause ecological damage with vandalism resulting in diesel spillage.

Vodacom has ramped up the fight against this criminal activity and is working closely with law enforcement agencies and security companies to arrest these thieves for prosecution. They also appeal to members of the community to report this form of crime to the police.

Vodacom recently implemented a programme that uses hidden tracking chips and other security technology to trace batteries and other equipment. Their security team is using helicopters and specialist mobile units to track the stolen items so that they can catch and prosecute the thieves, as well as anyone knowingly buying stolen equipment.

If you know of such a crime, please report it to Vodacom Security on 082 241 9952 (free on all networks).

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