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Thabazimi Local Municipality


20 September 2019

37/2019 - Platinum Weekly Ad



SALARY PACKAGE: Post Level 06 (R244,640.92) per annum. Additional benefits attached to the position are as follows:

(i) Medical aid cover is subsidized by 60% of the total contribution for family members; (ii) Pension fund contribution by Municipality is 18% of basic salary; (iii) Housing subsidy is available on repayment of a bond provided that the house is registered in the name of the employee.
QUALIFICATIONS: Grade 12 with a Diploma in Natural Resource Management and/or Wildlife Management and Nature Conservation. Valid Driver’s License.
EXPERIENCE: 2 years’ experience in nature conservation and wild management or related and/or similar job.
SKILLS: Ability to keep accurate records and write reports in a clear, concise form, ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships, be computer literate, ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, understanding animal behaviour and tracking Knowledge of first-aid procedures and standard safety precautions, passion for nature and outdoors, be willing to work outside office hours, over weekends or during holidays and a valid driver’s license.

Management or control of wildlife for the well-being of game and keep animal populations well-maintained. Monitor animals, maintain and restore a well-balanced natural habitat for game and wildlife. Undertake Supplementary feeding programs.

General public awareness of conservation - educate the public and respond to requests for assistance and information about an area’s wildlife. Look after the infrastructure and resources of the game reserves and perform minor repairs and/or construction work on area of assignment using power and small hand tools.

Investigate nuisance and diseased wildlife complaints and provides damage control or technical assistance in removing or controlling animals. Patrol the area and enforce the rules and regulations.

If you are interested and you are in possession of the necessary qualifications and experience, please address your CV and authenticated copies of your qualifications and driver’s license or an application form duly completed to:

The Municipal Manager, Private Bag X530, THABAZIMBI, 0380.
Application forms are available at the personnel office of the Thabazimbi Local Municipality - Municipal Offices, 7 Rietbok Street, Thabazimbi, 0380 or telephone number 014 – 777 1525 or 014 777 1902.

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